Visit a Local Preserve

Fox Hollow Preserve, Laurel Hollow – This beautiful preserve contains an unusual variety of forest types and boasts a striking assembly of American Beech trees.  If it snows and you traverse the property by cross country skis, you will be challenged to arrive on your feet at the bottom of one of the steepest sections of […]

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Plant a Pollinator Garden

“Cold winter days are a great time to start planning a spring pollinator garden. Pollinating animals such as birds, bees, bats, and butterflies are critical to our food and ecosystems. You can invite pollinators to your neighborhood by planting a pollinator friendly habitat in your garden, farm, school, park or just about anywhere.” Click here […]

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Help Save the Monarch Butterfly

Just before the New Year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced it will be reviewing the status of the monarch butterfly in order to determine whether it should be listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The action followed submission of a petition from the Center for Biological Diversity,  the Center for Food Safety, […]

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Help Protect Our Water Supply at Home

Action Amount Saved Fix a Leaky faucet 3 gallons per day (But first count the number of drops per minute that leak!) Install a bottle filled with water in your toilet tank so that amount of water will be displaced each time you flush the toilet. (Or use a low flow toilet that uses 1.5 […]

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Go Ice Skating

North Shore Land Alliance would like to encourage everyone to stay active this winter by getting outdoors. Each week we will provide you with something new and fun you and your family can do this winter.   Ice skating: It’s Fun and Offers a Variety of Benefits With the warm weather behind us, there are […]

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Shop Locally

Shop Locally There is a growing trend among Long Islander’s to grow, buy and eat locally grown food.  Eating a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of produce has been linked to numerous health benefits, so it only makes sense to buy food from a nearby farm, farm stand, or local market that supports your local […]

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