The Heritage Committee of North Shore Land Alliance brings together a community of young, bright and energetic individuals who care deeply about our local environment.  This 18 – 35 year old group is comprised of a wonderful cross-section of people who grew up in the area and others who have chosen to make our community their home. They share a common bond of loving nature and knowing that their action is critical to protecting it for future generations.

The Heritage Committee works to ensure that the next generation of Long Islanders understands the importance of land conservation and its relationship to clean air, clean water and climate change mitigation at local, regional and global level. By hosting events throughout the year, the Heritage Committee provides its members with opportunities to learn more about the work of the Land Alliance and its partners, meet other like-minded individuals and find ways to make a difference every day.

Since 2012, the Heritage Committee has hosted several friend-raising events.  Planning for 2014 has just begun. If you would like to learn more about the Heritage Committee please contact Committee Chair D.R. Holmes at or Julie Davidson at  the Land Alliance office at with any suggestions or ideas!