Environmental Science/Preserve Stewardship Intern

Interns in these areas will participate in either research, preserve maintenance or both. Activities may include monitoring and removal of invasive plants using a variety of tools, conducting and maintaining plantings as part of habitat restoration projects, leading volunteers in preserve management projects, inventory of fauna at a new pollinator garden, evaluating the success of post-Sandy plantings of tree seedlings at multiple preserves and developing improved protocols for collecting and mapping GPS data and photography.

Land Conservation Intern

Intern will be responsible for assisting with land conservation related work and conduct various research projects related to land  conservation on the North Shore of Long Island. Applicants will be required to develop an understanding of various legal tools used by the conservation community to protect land and natural resources such as conservation easements, environmental resources, land use ordinances and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Strong research, communication and writing skills are a must. Preference will be given to students with a demonstrated commitment to the environment.

Social Media/Networking Intern

This intern will be responsible for helping North Shore Land Alliance build a strong base of online supporters by connecting with existing and prospective supporters on social networking forums such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He/she will also be responsible for contributing to and regularly updating these sites with timely and value-added content, keeping contact information up-to-date, review of and responding to comments and questions, analyzing and reporting statistical data and making recommendations.

If interested, please submit your resume and a cover letter to Andrea Millwood at andrea@northshorelandalliance.org or for more information call: 516-626-0908.