Bird Migration at the Marine Nature Study Area

Shorebirds_Photo credit Sue Simon


Bird Migration at the Marine Nature Study Area
Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 2:00 pm
Marine Nature Study Area, Oceanside

This program will feature a variety of the wonders of spring, particularly shorebirds and warblers stopping over at the preserve during their migration north.

Advance Registration is required!

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About the Marine Nature Study Area

“The Marine Nature Study Area is a 52-acre preserve devoted to environmental education and natural history in Oceanside NY. Managed by the Town of Hempstead to compliment the outdoor features, there is an interpretive center that contains tanks with live specimens of marine life from the area and informative displays. Objectives of such an area include: an outdoor laboratory for elementary and secondary schools, salt marsh ecology, marine conservation practices, earth science, marine biology, and nature study. The Area also provides opportunity for research in marsh ecology and management to local college students and opportunity for art and photographic studies.”

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