Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee of North Shore Land Alliance is a community of bright and energetic young professionals from Long Island and New York City, who share a common bond of loving nature and knowing that their action is critical to protecting it for future generations.  This 18 – 35-year-old group is comprised of a wonderful cross-section of people who grew up in the area and others who have chosen to make our community their home.

Goals and Objectives

The Committee is working to ensure that the next generation understands the importance of land conservation and its relationship to clean air, clean water, our local food source and climate change mitigation at local, regional and global levels. Throughout the year, the Committee organizes one or two friend-raisers to educate more young professionals about the work of the Land Alliance, to meet other like-minded individuals and to find ways they can enrich our communities.

 How to Get Involved:

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved with the Heritage Committee of North Shore Land Alliance, please contact the North Shore Land Alliance at 516-922-1028.