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  • Volunteers Give a Hand at our Preserves

    Volunteers brave inclement weather to help remove invasive vines and shrubs, partake in a beach cleanup and habitat restoration project and remove trash from the Humes meadow. Students also help conduct hands-on assessments and….

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  • Reflections from a Long Island Water Education Teacher

    Since 2014, the Land Alliance has been visiting my West Side School sixth-grade science classes in Laurel Hollow to teach students about the effects of pollution on Long Island’s aquifer. This workshop/field trip is by far my favorite!

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  • Improvements at the Humes Property

    In preparation for its opening in July 2020, the Humes Property is getting some finishing touches. Repairs are being made to the formal garden, tennis court and old tennis hut. Plantings are also underway in addition to the creation of a new outdoor fitness area.

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  • Meadows and Trails Update

    Since our 2019 Fall Conservation News newsletter, the Suzanne and Carter Bales Quiet Meadow has started to look more meadow-like. After two years of clearing, rubbish removal and weed management, we seeded warm-season grasses and a small volume of wildflowers (along with winter rye), in the phase one area (3.5 acres) last November.

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  • Humes Property

    Experience the History of the Humes Preserve

    The Schmidlapp-Humes Estate, now known as the Humes Preserve, has a long history that dates to the Matinecock Indian tribe’s occupation of the area. It includes 17th-century boundary disputes between the Dutch and English and milling and farming from the 18th to 20th centuries.

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  • Friends Academy (FA) Students Raise Funds to purchase a Bench at the Humes Preserve

    Michael Mead and Blake Nagel would like to raise $2,000 to help purchase a bench for the Humes Preserve.

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  • Iselin Preserve

    Meet the 2020 Summer Interns

    North Shore Land Alliance is pleased to announce that we’ve selected three new interns for our O’Neil Conservation Steward program for Summer 2020.

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  • Places to Go and Things to Do

    While social distancing is recommended right now, there’s no reason you cannot get up close and personal with Mother Nature. Here’s a list of preserves we own or manage that are currently open to the public. You are welcomed to take a hike or jog along a preserve trail or pack a picnic lunch and enjoy “forest bathing” in a preserve meadow.

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  • Humes Preserve Opening

    The Land Alliance purchased the Humes estate in 2016. After four years, we’ve retired our debt and are now preparing to open this spectacular 28-acre property as the Humes Preserve in June! As passersby can easily see, the meadow has been cleared and grasses are growing in. Thanks to a generous grant from NYS the […]

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  • Don’t Be a Litterbug

    While we welcome everyone to get outside and visit our preserves, we also want to encourage people to help take care of them. Litter is a big problem not only at our lovely preserves but all around our North Shore communities and in the world at large. Whether you’re driving down 25A or walking along […]

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