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  • NYS Budget Supports the Environment

    Legislature and Governor Cuomo have agreed on a State budget that prioritizes our environment and commits record funding to natural resource conservation and climate change.

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  • Climate Tips for Spring

    Even though Greenhouse Gas Emissions have been reduced with people staying home, climate change continues to be the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment.

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  • Protecting Habitat for Plants, Animals and People

    Earth is losing biodiversity at an alarming rate. There’s been an average 60 percent decline in mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians globally since 1970, according to the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report 2018. While climate change and pollution are contributors, the number one driving force behind the catastrophic decline in species is habitat loss. Habitat is defined as the natural home of plants and animals

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  • Land Alliance Earns National Recognition

    North Shore Land Alliance is proud to announce that we have been reaccredited by the national Land Trust Alliance – proving once again that, as part of a network of over 400 accredited land trusts across the nation, we are committed to professional excellence and to maintaining the public’s trust in our conservation work.

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  • William C. and Joyce C. O’Neil Stewards 2019

    O’Neil Stewards Update

    As we wrap up our fourth year of the William C. and Joyce C. O’Neil Stewards Program and prepare for next year, we thought it important to reach out to some of our past interns. We particularly wanted to ask them to reflect on the value of their time spent with the Land Alliance.

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  • Strategic Village Parcel Conserved

    The Land Alliance is pleased to announce the donation of the 193 Underhill Road property in Matinecock. The parcel, consisting of 2.3 acres, was given to the Land Alliance by Mr. and Mrs. James MacDonald and family.

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  • Critters Love Messy Gardens

    Tempting as it might be to “clean up” the garden and your yard for winter, as far as wildlife is concerned, it’s best to leave them as is for the season. “Messy is definitely good to provide food and shelter for birds during the cold winter months,” says Tod Winston, Audubon’s Plants for Birds program […]

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  • Food and Climate Change: The Way Forward

    Thank you to everyone who attended the Food and Climate: The Way Forward lecture and panel discussion at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Monday, October 28th co-hosted with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, North Country Garden Club, The Nature Conservancy, Three Harbors Garden Club and St. John’s Church (Cold Spring Harbor). It was a wonderful evening […]

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  • Season Two at the Roosevelt Community Garden

    Season Two at the Roosevelt Community Garden

    Land Alliance concludes season two at the Roosevelt Community Garden with 16 new garden members and more educational programs for the community.

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  • North Shore Land Alliance Long Island Water Education Program

    Year Five of the LI Water Education Program

    Since its launch in September 2014, the North Shore Land Alliance Water Education has been actively engaging local students in learning about Long Island’s water resources.

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