Roosevelt Community Garden

The Roosevelt Community Garden provides garden members, volunteers and visitors of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with a quiet and enjoyable place to grow organic fruits and vegetables, learn about and share their appreciation for gardening and nature, and build relationships while helping their environment.

The Garden is located at 59 E. Fulton Avenue in Roosevelt, New York.  It contains 49 raised garden beds with picnic tables, gardening tools, sheds and an irrigation system.

The Garden was officially open to the public in 2018, thanks to funding from The North Shore Land Alliance, Nassau County, the Long Island Community Foundation and the New York State Conservation Partnership Program.  The Land Alliance currently manages the Garden and is working closely with the community to identify local organizations who would like to resume ongoing management.

Garden Location

59 E. Fulton Avenue
Roosevelt, New York 11575


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Get Involved!

From growing your own herbs, vegetables or flowers to assisting with watering, sharing your skills in a workshop, composting, supporting garden maintenance, there are many ways you can get involved with the Roosevelt Community Garden.  We invite neighbors and friends of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to become a gardener, volunteer or educator at the Roosevelt Community Garden.  Share your enthusiasm for gardening and nature and help sustain and promote the many environmental, social and economic benefits that our garden bring to the community.

Upcoming Events

Gardening and Wellness Workshops Programs!

Join us for, one/or more, hands-on learning experiences at the Garden or educational presentations at the Roosevelt Public Library with Master Gardeners from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County.

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Your tax-deductible donation will help with on-going maintenance of the Garden and help us provide more educational programs and activities for children.