• Board formed, 501 (c)3 not-for-profit status granted.

• Conservation opportunities identified through “Greenprint” process.

• Idea for an open space bond successfully presented to County Executive.

• Coalition organized to promote first Nassau County $50M Environmental

Bond Program and second Town of Oyster Bay $30M Save Environmental

Assets (SEA ) Fund Bond.

• Funds for Bond Campaign raised at first wine auction. Bond passes with

77% majority.

First Family Picnic held.


• Nassau County Bond selection committee begins work, 55 acres preserved.

• Mapping completed identifying over 300 local parcels five acres or larger.

• New York State Open Space list expanded by 3, 600 acres based on Land

Alliance’s mapping.

• Website launched, Land Alliance receives staffing grant.

• Membership grows to 700+ families.


• Nassau County places $100M bond on November ballot.

• Land Alliance raises funds and sponsors the Campaign for the bond,

winning again with 77% majority.

• IRS increases tax deduction for conservation easements

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. NY State enacts

law that provides for a tax credit for conservation easements.

• Town of Huntington purchases Mohlenhoff property. Nassau County

purchases portions of Pulling, Old Westbury Gardens, Northwood and


• Membership grows to 880 families.

A really great year for conservation!


• The Town of Oyster Bay places $60M bond on ballot. Land Alliance

leads bond campaign and wins with 72% majority. Suffolk County .

cent sales tax passes. Land Alliance participates in process to allocate

bond funds.

• Town of Oyster Bay purchases 80 acres of open space including the

Littauer Farm.


• Land Alliance begins 2008 with 77 acres of private easements, 65 acres

of Nature Conservancy preserves under management and 202 acres

protected through public acquisition. Smithers, Humes, Old Mill and

more are included.

• The Town of Oyster Bay sets precedent by placing an easement on public

land for added long-term protection.

• Popular “Walks in the Woods” series begins.

• Land Alliance runs the campaign for the successful Town of Huntington

$15M bond, which passes with a 75% majority. Ballot measures across

the US top $7B in conservation funding.


• The development of the historic Hitchcock Fields in Old Westbury into

a high-density cemetery causes public concern.

• Land Alliance adds Golf Outing and NYC Lecture Series events to lineup.

Membership reaches 1,200 families.


• Recession continues and the pace of land conservation slows.

• 65 acres of open space conserved.

• Land Alliance completes natural resource inventory for 12 least developed

North Shore Villages. Analysis includes features like tree cover, soil

type, grasslands, steep slopes, breeding bird population for each village.

The development of a comprehensive plan to protect valuable natural

resources is encouraged in a series of public meetings.

• Land Alliance assumes management of an additional 135 acres of TNC

preserves as well as programming for the 73-acre Roosevelt Preserve.

• Program service rate for the Land Alliance is 93%. (For every dollar

spent, 93 cents goes toward programs.)

• Land Alliance contributes $2M to the acquisition of the 60-acre Banfi

Fields by Nassau County and a private conservation investor. Deal closed

on December 31st, ringing in a Happy New Year for us all.


• To date, Land Alliance has been instrumental in the protection of more

than 800 acres of land.

• Land Alliance joins others in rallying support for restoration of NY

State Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) funding and the permanent

renewal of the tax credit for conservation easements.

• Land Alliance, in partnership with Town, village and neighbors, attempts

to purchase the 117-acre Woodcrest Club in Muttontown for conservation

purposes. Effort unsuccessful but a model for conservation was unveiled.

• Restoration of local meadows begins. Roosevelt Preserve programming is

expanded. “Walks in the Woods” attendance exceeds 200 people.

• Land Alliance receives a two-year grant to spearhead local sustainable

farming initiative. Second year of environmental education program

at Roosevelt Preserve is successfully completed. Important partnerships

form to ensure continuance of both programs.

• Membership grows to almost 1,700 families and volunteer force reaches

100 people.

• Rauch Foundation launches study to calculate economic benefits of open

space. It is determined that LI’s parks, farms and open spaces supply

quantifiable economic benefits worth over $2.74 billion per year. Results

arm Land Alliance with valuable new information in pursuit of future

conservation opportunities.


• Enhanced tax credit for conservation easements expires, weakening

incentive for private conservation efforts.

• D’Loren, Morgan and Northwood easements are completed, resulting in

43.8 acres of private conservation. No public conservation transactions


• Land Alliance purchases historic Trousdell property to protect emblematic

parcel from intensive development with the intention of placing a

conservation easement on the property and selling to a conservation


• 60-acre Banfi transaction is completed with land swap authorized by state.

• Inaugural Small Farm Summit on April 15th attended by 400+ community

members interested in promoting sustainable local agriculture and

connecting people, food and land. Farm at Oyster Bay (aka Littauer

Estate) harvests 1,500 pounds of vegetables to donate to the hungry.

• Town of Huntington, Suffolk County and Land Alliance agree to join

forces to protect the 31-acre DeForest Williams Estate in Cold Spring

Harbor. Substantial process to follow but an important partnership is



• Land Alliance raises $625,000 to purchase a one-year option on the

DeForest Williams property in Cold Spring Harbor. Town, County and

community remain engaged.

• ExxonMobil donates eight-acre property to the Land Alliance for

conservation purposes, a precedent-setting gift of land from a major


• Land Alliance is awarded $576,000 in grants – a record amount for the

organization ($500,000 from New York State and $35,000 from the 1772

Foundation for DeForest Williams acquisition and $36,000 from EPF for

the TNC preserves transfer and accreditation preparation).

• The road to accreditation is officially underway. Organizational assessment

is completed and pre-registration documentation is approved.

• Nassau County Environmental Bond funds are depleted with park

improvements such as new parking lots at Pulling and Smithers and the

acquisition of the Brooklyn Water Works.

• The second Small Farm Summit draws 700+ attendees. Land Alliance

volunteer corps nears 200 people. Membership grows to 2,146 families.

• The enhanced tax credit for conservation easements is renewed for two


• Land Alliance ends the year with 15 conservation easements totaling

135 acres, 75 acres in fee-owned land and 74 additional acres under


• Heritage Society (young members’ group) kicks off with Harriman Cup

(annual University of Virginia vs Yale polo game) presence.

• Environmental, civic and conservation groups come together around the

issues of surface and groundwater. A large, active coalition forms.

2013 to present

• Land Alliance celebrates 10th anniversary with nearly 1,000 acres of land

protected and a membership nearing 2,500 families.

• 32-acre DeForest Williams acquisition advances with closing expected in

late 2013 or early 2014.

• Nitrogen pollution in our water tops the list of Long Island’s most serious

environmental problems.

• Restoration of ExxonMobil property begins with community celebration

in April.

• Trousdell House restoration nears completion with sale expected by year


• Land Alliance volunteers and staff work together to replace more than

200 native trees destroyed in local preserves during Superstorm Sandy.

• Application for land trust accreditation is completed and submitted for


• Land Alliance assists in update of New York State Open Space plan

facilitating the inclusion of a waterfront golf course on Long Island’s

South Shore for the first time.

• Land Alliance assumes management of two more preserves owned by

The Nature Conservancy. Those preserves are the 8-acre Davenport

Preserve, Laurel Hollow, and the 4-acre Harbor Hill Sanctuary, Lake