An Extraordinary Gift for Future Conservation Projects

We are so pleased to announce that this past spring, Sandy and Eric Krasnoff made a very generous gift of $750,000 to the Land Alliance’s Conservation Action Fund (CAF). The CAF is a revolving fund, which allows the Land Alliance to acquire land or conservation easements on priority land parcels while they are still available. The CAF permits a land trust to react quickly when important local conservation opportunities arise.

When asked why they chose to make this exceptional gift to our community, the Krasnoffs said, “Natural areas are critical to protecting our waters and to mitigating against the effects of climate change. We have watched the Land Alliance grow over the past 15 years and we thought this gift would be a way to recognize all their good work and provide them with the means to do more.” They added, “We know that by investing in the Land Alliance’s mission now, we will help the future health of our community.”

Like the Krasnoff’s, our more than 3,000 loyal Land Alliance members and friends know that keeping our community healthy, for all who live and work here, is a shared commitment. Clean water and air, beneficial habitats, local sources of food and economic vitality are essential to our quality of life. They are critical to leaving our North Shore community in good shape for the next generation. We are extremely grateful to the Krasnoffs for this extraordinary gift toward future conservation efforts.

Thanks to the support and commitment of our community, the Land Alliance has protected nearly 1,200 acres of land in our first 15 years, but there is much more work to be done. Two-thirds (500,000 acres) of Long Island’s surface area is already impervious and only 20,000 acres of natural land remains in the Land Alliance’s 150,000-acre service area. With the threat of failing golf courses, (which comprise roughly 11,000 acres of undeveloped land on the north shore), we need to continue to work together to save the lands that protect our water before they are lost forever. If all goes well, we hope to protect another 1,200 acres by our 20th Anniversary in 2023!