Humes Property is Coming Back to Life

Have you driven by the Humes property in Mill Neck lately?  If so, you’ll have seen that the 7+acre meadow has been mowed for the first time in decades. While we are still in the process of clearing debris and removing small trees, the difference is dramatic. Already, native plants are peeking through the earth and a beautiful scenic vista has once again been unveiled. Later this Spring, we intend to install a trail that will skirt the perimeter of the meadow, so visitors can watch the restoration evolve first hand.

And, thanks to the efforts of a conservation investor, the Rumpus House is being restored.  Old rotting shingles have been replaced with hand-cut new ones, windows are being repaired and a new coat of paint will follow in the not-too-distant future. And, surprise of all surprises, old shingles reveal that the house was once painted red.

While we still have a little more work to do before we can officially open the Humes Estate to the public, the time is drawing nearer.  And we are very pleased that the Humes Japanese Stroll Garden will be open to the public on a regular basis this year beginning in May.  Please check back for official days and hours.