Upper Francis Pond – 25 Acres

Oyster Bay Road, Mill Neck, NY
Parking: Available on site

This 25-acre preserve is an integral part of a corridor of 150 contiguous acres of protected open space in the Beaver Brook watershed, which includes the Humes Estate and Japanese Stroll Garden and the North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary’s enchanting Shu Swamp. The trail from the parking area skirts a field before entering the forest and leads to a large, treasured pond, which is situated in the center of the preserve. The site is a popular spot for River Otters. The corridor also provides vital breeding habitat for Brook Trout and a large variety of birds, fish and other wildlife species.


This land was formerly owned by the Smithers family and was acquired by Nassau County with funding from Nassau County’s 2004/2006 Environmental Bond Act.

What you’ll find there

Rhododendron, Osprey, River Otter and winter waterfowl.

Trail Map (Download)

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