Cordelia H. Cushman Preserve – 15 acres

Route 25A, Oyster Bay Cove, NY

Mature hardwood forest comprises nearly 100 percent of this pristine 15-acre preserve. Chestnut and white oak trees dominate the canopy with some maple, beech and tulip trees making a presence as well. The preserve has an understory of mountain laurel and a large variety of other native plants, thirteen of which are protected by New York State such as dwarf rattlesnake plantain, pink lady’s slipper and spotted wintergreen. There are robust populations of numerous fern species, including cinnamon, New York and Christmas ferns, are found there too.


At one time, part of the preserve was used for raising racehorses. A family home, Tapis Vert (green carpet), still exists nearby. The property was acquired by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cushman in the 1930s and later donated to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 1973 by Roderick Cushman. In 2012, TNC donated the preserve to the Land Alliance.

What you’ll find there

Mountain laurel, swamp azalea, creeping Jenny, Box Turtle, chestnut oak, Yellow-rumped Warbler and partridgeberry.

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