Red Cote Preserve – 30 Acres

Location: Yellow Cote Road, Oyster Bay Cove
Parking: Avaialable on the left side of Yellow Cote Road

A beautiful hardwood forest, a white pine plantation, which was planted in the 1930s, and a colorful meadow comprise these 42 acres. To make this preserve more accessible to the public, the Land Alliance upgraded the entrance in 2018 by converting a barely visible driveway and dirt parking area into a larger, more attractive lot covered with bluestone gravel surrounded by a rustic split rail fence. Over 100 native plants, like wood fern and witch hazel, were added to the entrance and help reflect the natural beauty of Long Island’s countryside. Stroll down the interpretive trail and you’ll not only spot or hear a variety of bird species like the Eastern Towhee, you might notice a large, out-of-place boulder called a glacial erratic.


The preserve was once part of a farm purchased by R.C. Leffingwell in 1924. It was acquired from his descendants with funding from Nassau County’s 2004/2006 Environmental Bond Act. The preserve is currently managed by the Land Alliance.

What you’ll find there

Tree Swallow, umbrella magnolia, butterfly milkweed, Monarch Butterfly, red cedar

Trail Map (Download)

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