Our Accomplishments

The North Shore Land Alliance, Inc. (Land Alliance) is a nationally accredited land trust and 501(c)(3) not-for-profit land trust founded in 2003 by a group of friends and neighbors concerned about how quickly the natural landscape was changing.

The Land Alliance works to protect and preserve, in perpetuity, the green spaces, farmlands, wetlands, groundwater and historical sites of Long Island’s north shore for the enhancement of quality of life and benefit of future generations.

Across western Long Island, the Land Alliance:

  •  Educates the community about the importance of protecting land.
  •  Partners with government and the community to raise funds for land conservation, facilitating $255M in municipal funding measures and over $20M in private funding to date.  As a result, 1,100 acres of farmland and open space have been protected and added to town, county and state open space inventories. The Land Alliance has been instrumental in the protection of, in total, almost 1,100 acres of land.
  • Assists property owners in understanding the advantages of private conservation, including associated federal and state tax benefits.
  •  Holds easements on 182 acres of private and public land, owns 258 acres of preserves and provides stewardship services for 64 acres of Nature Conservancy preserves. (We also provide stewardship services on another 68 acres owned not by The Nature Conservancy but by Nassau County.)
  •  Advocates for the adoption of more effective land and water conservation laws.

The Land Alliance has more than 4,000 members, a governing board of 35 trustees, 12 paid staff and a volunteer corps of more than 225 community residents across all generations. The Nature Conservancy is a founding member of the Land Alliance Board.