North Shore Land Alliance Trustees and Advisory Board members are well-respected community leaders who share a common belief that Long Islanders should protect and preserve the natural areas within our communities for the enhancement of quality of life and enjoyment and benefit of future generations.

Board of Trustees

Hoyle Jones, Chair
John Bralower, Vice-Chair
Augusta Reese Donohue, Vice Chair
Tim Dooley, Vice Chair
Hollis Russell, Vice Chair
Jonathan Moore, Treasurer
Tom Lieber, Secretary

Rosemary Bourne
Nancy Douzinas
Jack Foley
Max Geddes
Oliver Grace
Lynn Gray
Meghan Hagedorn
DR Holmes
Radford Klotz
Shauna Leopardi

Bridget Macaskill
Patrick Mackay
Patsy Mayer
Tom McGrath
Cecilia Artacho-Oh
Valerie Ohrstrom
Frank O’Keefe
Claudia Overstrom
Nicholas Paumgarten
Luis Rinaldini
Hanna Robinson

Larry Schmidlapp
Ray Schuville
Frank Segarra
Ben Stokes
Zach Taylor
Alex Urdea
Eric Vaughn
Paul Vermylen
Tory Walsh
Paula Weir

Trustees Emeritus

Daniel P. Davison (2005 – 2010)
Clarence Michalis (2004 – 2018)
Carter F. Bales (2003 – 2018)

Advisory Board

Christoph Cushman, Advisor
Hal Davidson, Advisor
George Eberle, Advisor
Eric Fornell, Advisor
Louise Harrison, Environmental Consultant
Tom Hogan, Community Advocate and Legal Advisor
Erik Kulleseid, Senior Vice-President, Open Space Institute
Robert MacKay, Historic Preservation Advisor
Sarah Meyland, Director, Center for Water Resource Mgmt., NYIT
Julie Rinaldini, Advisor
Peter Schiff, Advisor
Ted Smith, Advisor
Jean Thatcher, Advisor
John Turner, Ornithologist, Naturalist and Land Use Advisor
Richard Weir, Arboricultural, Horticultural Advisor
Jim Wellington, Advisor
Tom Zoller, Advisor