Established in 2018 to provide people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with a quiet and enjoyable space to grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, learn about gardening and build relationships.

Upcoming Events at the Garden & Other Cool Things to Do Outside

Join us for one, or more, of our Gardening or community events. Events are subject to change.  For more information about these events, please contact the Land Alliance at 516-922-1028.

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Registration and Plot Information

We assign plots each year starting February15th through May 31st, as space is available. If your request is received after the cutoff date for plot assignments, or there are no available plots, you can add your name to our waitlist. To learn more about our Garden, please review our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Returning Gardners

Returning gardeners will be assigned the same plot at last year, unless there is a change in the program, or they request a different location. Due to heavy demand, returning gardeners are limited to one (1) plot total.  If you wish to have more than one plot, you must wait until after the renewal period which end May 31st.

Plot Sizes and Annual Fees

$55 – Garden Enthusiast Plot (4’ x 20’) – Available only for families, groups or experienced or returning gardeners.
$40 – Wheelchair Accessible Plot – Best suited for individuals with limited mobility or wheelchairs.
$35 – Square Foot Plot (4’ x 4’) – Ideal for new gardeners or for individuals who only need a small space.
$25 – Friends and Neighbors Plot (4’ x 6’) – Ideal for individuals willing to work side-by-side, new gardeners or individuals who need a small space.
$20 – Beginners Plot (3’ x 5’) – Ideal for new or inexperienced gardeners

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