Undevelopment at the Humes Property

Humes Property Restoration

We are continuing to make progress at the Humes property in Mill Neck.  In September, we demolished three highly distressed structures in the northeast corner of the property, including the former caretaker’s house, a detached garage associated with the house and a former greenhouse. The caretaker’s house and garage had been abandoned by the former owners and the greenhouse had collapsed. The house had been built around an enormous oak tree and we knew early on after acquiring the property that one of our goals should be to remove the house and keep the tree! We’re pleased to report that this has been successfully completed and that additional land, immediately adjacent to Shu Swamp Preserve, has been restored to its natural state.

We are also busy making plans to open the Humes property to the public.  To this end, we will be developing adequate access and parking, restoring the center of the property as a meadow habitat for passive use and installing a fitness trail along the paved roads that traverse the property. Not only do the existing roads have the potential to offer a variety of visitors safe and easy access to the property, but they are perfectly oriented for a course equipped with outdoor exercise equipment. The course is designed to promote physical fitness and good health. We’re hoping that this property can be a model innovative stewardship project and encourage visitors of varying athletic ability to use the property.

The Humes property is not yet open to the public though we anticipate an official opening in 2017.

You can read this article in our 2016 Fall/Winter Conservation News newsletter.