Carter Rogan – 2023 O’Neil Steward

North Shore Land Alliance O'Neil Steward

We are delighted to introduce Carter Rogan as a valuable addition to our esteemed O’Neil Stewards program.

Carter is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the SUNY College for Environmental Science and Forestry. Carter, a native Long Islander, has an affinity for native plants and animals and is looking forward to applying what he’s learned at school to the stewardship of Land Alliance properties. Carter joins the program with great experience gathered from the Sweetbriar Nature Center, Bayard-Cutting Arboretum and the ecology center at the Sisters of St. Joseph.

We extend a warm welcome to Carter Rogan as he joins our O’Neil Stewards program. His passion, expertise and genuine care for our natural heritage make him an invaluable asset to our team. Together, we will continue to make significant strides in the stewardship and conservation of Land Alliance properties.

Please join us in welcoming Carter Rogan as a vital member of our dedicated community, as we work tirelessly to protect and nurture the ecological treasures of our beloved Long Island.