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Open Space Society members are avid conservationists and the Land Alliance’s most loyal members. They are dedicated to preserving and protecting the North Shore’s last remaining open spaces and, as a result, they have committed to annual gifts of $5,000 or more.  Generous donors, such as these, help to ensure that the Land Alliance has the capacity to focus our energy on saving land.

Open Space Society members will receive invitations to all North Shore Land Alliance events including guided tours of public and private places and the annual Open Space Society Dinner held at the home of one of our benefactors each spring.  Open Space Society members will also be invited to a special thank you reception hosted by the Chairman of the Board.

Membership in the Open Space Society will ensure the success of the Land Alliance’s land conservation, stewardship and educational efforts.

For more information, please contact Nina Muller at 516-922-1028 or nina@northshorelandallaince.org.