Seven Acre Easement in Oyster Bay Cove

North Shore Land Alliance is currently working with Debbie and Howard Grace to acquire seven acres of their property in the Village of Oyster Bay Cove through a bargain sale transaction. The acreage is part of the Grace family’s larger 25-acre property (referred to as Lismore), eight acres of which has been preserved since 2002 through a conservation easement held by the Land Alliance.

The property is in the immediate vicinity of Tiffany Creek Preserve, a 200-acre preserve owned by Nassau County (with portions managed by the Land Alliance). It is located in the Tiffany Creek watershed area, which has been designated by New York State as an area critically important to protecting the waterways and valuable shellfishing areas of Oyster Bay Cove.

The property is also in the immediate vicinity of the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary, the first preserve owned and managed by the National Audubon Society. In addition, it is located within the Oyster Bay Special Groundwater Protection Area, a New York State designated Critical Environmental Area that is the source of our drinking water.

Aside from being adjacent to an existing conservation easement, the property is also near eight other conservation easements on private property held by the Land Alliance. In total, they preserve over 70 acres of significant natural areas. The seven-acre property itself consists primarily of meadow habitat, an ecosystem that is rapidly declining throughout Long Island. It helps support a diverse array of birds and other wildlife as well as an abundance of native plants that support pollinators. Bog turtles and birds of prey, including red-tailed Hawks and Great-horned owl, are among the species observed at the Grace Meadow. Closing is expected before year end.

The Land Alliance is extremely grateful to the Grace Family for spearheading a conservation solution for this wonderful property that will enhance the environmental health of the local community for the future.