Land Alliance Thanks our Active Volunteers

The North Shore Land Alliance would like to thank the many active volunteers who contribute their time and energy to help us accomplish our land conservation mission. These individuals spend time in our preserves and, assist with community outreach events and office needs. In this issue of Conservation News, we would like to highlight two volunteers who have provided extraordinary services this spring (and over time).

Richard Weir trained at Cornell University, spent his career with the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Nassau County. He currently serves on the Land Alliance’s advisory board and stewardship committee. Richard was most generous to share his expertise and hard work ethic this past March when he offered the stewardship team sage counsel on how to prune the very large round of yew hedge at Wawapek in Cold Spring Harbor. Richard offered much more than pruning advice spending nine hours over the course of two days with chain saw in hand to cut the yew hedge to the appropriate height. He was also instrumental in removing decades of wisteria vine growth from the base of the yew hedge, making the job that much tougher! Richard worked non-stop the entire time and inspired Land Alliance staff with his dedication to preserving the central element of this historic garden. Thank you for all your hard work, Richard!

Since joining our volunteer corps earlier this year, Peter Meleady has made a real difference. An expert horticulturist, Peter has been involved with many invasive plant removals and pruning projects at Shore Road Sanctuary and has reinvigorated the trumpet honeysuckle trellis and blueberry bushes at Wawapek. He is also involved with projects and educational programming at the Roosevelt Community Garden and our Humes Japanese Stroll Garden manager looks forward to his assistance there, too. Peter often going to preserves after work or early in the weekends before he leaves to spend time with his family, shows dedication and knowledge that have resulted in a much-improved landscape. Thank you for your commitment and many contributions to the Land Alliance, Peter!