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    The Cicadas Are Coming!

    If you were around in 2004, you probably remember the loud songs of the cicada emanating from most of the trees on your property. You probably had a cicada or two clinging to your clothes or swatted a few away as they haphazardly flew around. If you have never met a cicada, there’s nothing to worry about. These lumbering creatures are just another wonder of nature to behold.

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  • Native Wildflowers Columbine

    Five Native Plants to Consider Planting

    Native plants play an indispensable role in supporting resilient ecosystems like stabilizing soil, filtering water, cleaning air and supporting wildlife. Once they are established, they require less watering and need no chemical fertilizers or pesticides to thrive. Here are five native wildflower and shrub options we recommend you plant to help with pollination and the sustainability of our ecosystem.

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  • Enhance Your Outdoor Adventures with These Six Nature Apps

    When it comes to spending time outside usually the best app is NO app. However, some apps can enhance your outdoor adventures. Here are six easy-to-use apps that will help you locate nearby trails, identify the plants and animals in your backyard or in our nature preserves, track invasives and share your observations with scientists working to better understand and protect nature.

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  • Water Friendly Lawn Care Tips

    Nitrogen pollution impacts the health of our bays and drinking water source. The #2 source of nitrogen pollution is fertilizers (#1 is septic systems.) In an effort to protect the water that sustains us, we offer some healthy lawn care tips.

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  • Worth the Wait: Humes Preserve Opened to the Public

    On September 30th, North Shore Land Alliance officially opened the Humes Preserve in Mill Neck to the public without much more than a peep! We’d originally envisioned celebrations with Land Alliance members and donors at a preserve pre-opening., but…

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